A Sneak Peek at Getting Dressed

GettingDressed_coverYou can read an excerpt from Getting Dressed, our newest release, here. Getting Dressed: Confession, Criticism, and Cultural History, written by acclaimed author Paula Marantz Cohen, is a philosophical examination of fashion: its origins, its creative potential, and its profound relationship to who we are. In the excerpt, experience author Paula Cohen’s witty observations on makeup through the ages, from Cleopatra through the modern makeup table.

Read the excerpt on The Smart Set, and get the book today!

What is Planet of the Grapes?

42-24150513A new way to look at wine for a new generation, Planet of the Grapes is an ongoing series of wine guides from Jason Wilson, award-winning columnist and author of Boozehound, which Anthony Bourdain called “superbly informative, entertaining, and yet deeply subversive.”

A new volume of Planet of the Grapes will be released quarterly at a modest price. Read it here

Next from Smart Set Press

SSP_UPCMG_AP_iStock_000017415602SmallThis fall, Smart Set Press releases three exciting new publishing projects. Inspired by our existing platforms, The Smart Set, Table Matters, and Art Attack, we introduce offerings in the realm of art, literature, lifestyle, fashion, and food.

In A Little History of Art, art critic Morgan Meis examines and breaks down art throughout the ages for critics young and old. Getting Dressed, by Paula Marantz Cohen, celebrates the history of introspection and the choosing of a “self” manifested through fashion. The next installment of Planet of the Grapes by Jason Wilson, explores the wonderful world of white wines.

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