Wine Cocktails

Planet of the Grapes Vol. 3: Wine Cocktails


Beware: Using your favorite wine in cocktails is a surefire way to scandalize the “serious” wine snobs in your life. Which, of course, is always fun.

Mix up your wine routine with drinks using everything from Spanish red to port, sherry, and sparkling wines. Learn about the traditions of wine cocktails with more than 40 recipes from top mixologists, all illustrated with beautiful color photography.

The third volume of a new generation of digital wine guides from Jason Wilson, award-winning author of Boozehound, which Anthony Bourdain called “superbly informative, entertaining, and yet deeply subversive.”

“Wilson may just be the best virtual drinking buddy you’ve ever had” — The Barnes & Noble Review

“Funny, smart, and just irreverent and critical enough that you trust every word he writes” —

And don’t forget to catch up on previous installments of Planet of the Grapes – Volume 1: Alternative Reds and Volume 2: When Wine Talk Gets Weird.

What is Planet of the Grapes?

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